Private Jet anyone?


Flying private, especially individually, is the epitome of luxury. More people and leading corporations are opting for the private jet. When it comes to private jets, you can either buy one (if you filthy rich!) or charter one for a particular route. One thing is for sure: you will pay more. With a jet, a one-way journey from Los Angeles to New York will cost you around $1000 in first class, and upwards of $4500 in a private jet. So, why go for the jet when you can get close to the same experience in the first class of a leading airline at 20% the cost? Well, there are many benefits which we have narrowed to two. Below are 2 benefits of hiring a private jet:

First up…


When it comes to convenience, a commercial plane can’t match a private jet. Consider the following:

• Luggage- a private jet affords you the freedom of carrying whatever you want with you, which means you have your pet join you on your flight. Also, you can bring special equipment with you like your sporting gear and product samples with more ease. Unloading your luggage on arrival is a better experience with a private jet as a car is always waiting for you when you land. Flying private makes it impossible to have misplaced luggage.

• At your own time- with a private jet, you don’t have to adjust your schedule to fit that of the airline. Often, when flying commercial, you have to be at the airport hours in advance because of the long check-in queues. It is a lengthy processing system which you easily avoid when you hire a private jet.

• Proximity- private jets do not require all the infrastructure of a major airport to either take off or land. That being the case, there are over 5000 airfields in the United States that a private jet can use versus only 500 for large commercial planes. Therefore, with a private jet, you land closer to your actual destination.

Second, ADDED VALUE. With a private jet, you don’t have to sleep through a flight. Value addition occurs through:

• Time saved- private jets are typically faster than the usual commercial planes as they cruise at a higher attitude. Hence, you arrive faster at your destination and can get on with business immediately after landing. A private jet also reduces the waiting time for a flight.

• Work- You can carry your work with you when flying private. In a survey done by the National Business Aviation Association in 2009, employees said their productivity increased by 20% when on the company’s jet while respondents flying commercial disclosed a 40% drop in productivity while flying commercial.

• Privacy- a private jet gives the passenger(S) a private space where even confidential information can be discussed without worrying who is listening. Even when in the first class of a commercial plants., you have to be wary if you are to discuss confidential information.

• Improved service- provide jets provide individualized attention.

Whereas an expensive adventure, the benefits of hiring in a private jet are quite clear.

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