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Turn Traveling Into a Career: Here’s How

It sounds too good to be true – but the fact is that you CAN turn traveling into a career. With the right career choice, you can find yourself visiting one country after another while getting paid for it! Here are some jobs that can help you see the world without the expense that goes with it.

Flight Stewardess

One of the most obvious ways to turn your traveling into a career, being a flight stewardess lets you board one plane to the next, visiting one city after another, all expenses paid. Since a flight stewardess often spends a few nights in one city before being asked to fly back in another flight, you’ll have the chance to wander around and explore each new location before leaving. Like most jobs however, this can be quite stressful but for those who are young and adventurous, it’s one new thing after another!

Travel Blogger/Writer

Being a travel blogger is often viewed as a job that’s not really a job. Few people fail to see how traveling and writing about your travels can pay the bills but believe it or not – this is entirely possible. There are several ways this can be done: first as a writer/blogger for a famous website/newspaper or second, as a reputable writer in your own right. With the second, it’s important to build yourself from the ground up before eventually hitting online celebrity status. Once you’ve managed to achieve this, you can easily make sufficient money out of your writing to finance your travels.

Cruise Ship

Be part of a cruise ship and travel the world in style! You’ll be amazed at the extent of skills and talents needed in cruise ships starting with nurses, doctors, chefs, musicians, and deckhands. You can apply for any position that falls within your skills and look forward to weeks of sleeping in one city and waking up in a different one. Cruise ships often tour continents and not always passenger-based. For example, some ships carry a different kind of cargo – like books.

Tourism Industry

There are lots of career paths in the tourism niche that could promote travel. For example, large-scale hotels with a view to setting up new branches in different locations often have their managerial people visit and assess these places to guarantee operations. The same goes for large-scale souvenir shops that set up branches in practically every tourist-infested city in the world. Let’s also not forget tour guides who by necessity, travel all over places to assist their guests. Tour guides are also often encouraged to travel outside their usual spots in order to learn more about different tourist-worthy locations.


You can also be part of a charity that caters all over the globe. Charities require all sorts of skills in their members so practically everyone is welcomed. From teachers, speakers, doctors, nurses, and the like – charities could be a great way to see the world while making a significant change for the better.

When it comes right down to it, there are several careers that can help you see more of the world. Remember though – the chance to travel should only be a small part of why you’re choosing a particular career path.